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Things To Consider Before Treating Your Tattoos With Laser

Tattoo removal techniques have changed for the better. Tattoos are now no longer permanent marks staining your skin.
Read on to know how.

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Microblading Eyebrows: Why Is It So In Demand?

The process of Microblading Eyebrows is here to stay. Read on to see what makes them a go-to solution for perfectly shaped eyebrows. Read More

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Tricks To Have A Painlessly Smooth Waxing Experience

Waxing sessions can result in a lot of pain and tears. Follow the tips listed in the blog to ensure a painless experience every time you visit the waxing parlour.Read More

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Pointers To Keep In Mind Before Going For A Waxing Session

Waxing fixes and stalls the growth of unwanted bodily hairs. However, it is necessary to prepare yourself before the actual session. Read More

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How Do You Effectively Combat Sagging Skin?

Loose, sagging skin is a nuisance. But with proper remedial measures like exercises, proper diet and massages, it can be righted in no time. Read More

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Know What The Ingredients Say About Your Anti-Ageing Product

A list of some of the most essential ingredients that go into making anti-ageing products the best solution for most of our skin issues. Read More

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Bid oily skin goodbye and flaunt a flawless one

Summers are fun only when you have a perfectly flawless skin to show for it. Oily skin, for the most part, isn’t desirable and can be remedied following some simple tips. Read More

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Photo-rejuvenation IPL Treatment for Aging Skin

IPL treatment heals deeper layers of the skin by stimulating collagen production. It treats sun spots, redness, rosacea, and other minor dermal injuries.Read More

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Foods to Kickstart Your Hair and Skincare Routine

Feeling healthy and looking good can be achieved by a slight lifestyle change. With the inclusion of a few superfoods into our regular diet, adopting such a change is easy.Read More

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The why and how of Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin Tightening Treatments are non-invasive procedures that make the skin taut and improve its quality. Read More

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Trendy Pedicures for Every Season

Different types of pedicures can give you the ultimate relaxing experience. It involves nail care and pampering foot massage to stimulate circulation and relive tension. Read More

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Get Acquainted with The Most Popular Massage Therapies

Different types of massage such as sports massage, pain relief massage, refloxology and more offer tremendous benefits. It helps to improve your well-being. Read More

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Here's how simple beauty habits every night can give you a healthy skin

A thorough beauty regimen is a great way to follow up after your visit to the beauty salon. This will ensure a healthy looking skin and will boost your. Read More

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Don’t hesitate to invest in the best facials

Avail skin tightening treatments and advanced peel treatments croydon from cosmetic clinic croydon. The treatments will leave you feeling relaxed. Read More

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Massage therapy can relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis

Pain Relief Massage at Croydon offers customized massage for osteoarthritis patients.Read More

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Narrow Down The Best Hair Removal Method

When it comes to removing the unwanted body hair, most people are confused which option to opt for. Read this blog to clear out all your doubts.Read More

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A Bunch of Beauty Resolutions You Can Follow in 2017

Looking to make 2017 the best year for your skin? If yes, then you should step up your beauty game with the above-mentioned makeup tips-and-tricks.Read More

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Probe in the History of the Massage Therapy Profession

Massage therapy has been around for thousand of years. Began in the ancient era, today massage therapy is ruling the roost in terms of ensuring health and wellness. Read this blog to Probe in the history of Massage therapy. View Details

Beauty in 2016: Trends that Worked and That Bombed

Like every year, 2017 has also brought its own share of beauty trends. The makeup trends that had ruled the roost once, have become passe now. Read this tête-à-tête to know the hit and flop makeup trends of 2017. View Details

Win the Battle of Weight Reduction with Slimming Body Wraps

Slimming body wraps are the rage at spa centers these days, and they can really work wonders in shedding the extra flab from your body. Wondering how? Read the blog to get your queries answered. View Details

The Perfect Diet for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

A regular care is a key to a healthy and glowing skin. The blog shares a bunch of skincare tips to restore the luster of your skin. Read More

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Beat Stress and Anxiety with Relaxing Massage Therapy

In today’s world, stress is the most common phenomenon. Not many knows that stress, if not treated from the beginning, can trigger tons of serious ailments. However,a soothing massage therapy can be extremely beneficial in reducing stress. Read the blog and know how. View Details

Beat Sleep Disorders with the Holistic Massage Therapy

Insomnia or sleep deprivation is a common phenomenon in today’s stress-ridden lifestyle. Tired of popping those prescription sleeping pills? It’s time to rely on the holistic massage therapy and you can adopt to get a better sleep. Read this blog to know more. View Details

9 Exceptional Benefits of Reflexology You Should Know

This article shares how reflexology sessions or foot massage therapies can help you live a better life and solve many other health issues. Read More

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Battle Premature Skin Aging with These Effective Steps

With a number of age-defying products claiming to fame, it makes you wonder if they truly work wonders as they claim to. This blog tells you how to avoid it by following these simple yet effective steps. View Details

Effective Ways to Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Despite shelling out big bucks on skin-care products, almost all women are battling dull, rough, patchy skins and the pollution may be to blame. Instead of bogging down, it’s time to tweak your skin-care ritual. View Details

This Winter Keep Your Skin Happy with Homemade Face Masks

Instead of chemical skin care products, try some natural homemade masks this winter to keep your skin smooth and healthier. Read More

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Know How To Maintain Radio Frequency Treatment

Keep certain factors in mind after you go through Radio Frequency Treatment including healthy diet, thorough cleaning and a consultation with your dermatologist. Read More

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Why Sports Massage Treatment is Important For All?

At Affable Treatments, you can get the most affordable sports massage under the observation of the professional trainers to keep your muscles healthier. Read More

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Erase Your Tattoo Away with Laser Tattoo Removal

The trend of getting inked is high on almost everyone’s priority list. However, the trouble steps in when a tattoo is needed to removed. Thanks to Laser Tattoo removal which has made it way easier to erase a tattoo. This content has shed a light on the details of Laser Tattoo removal. View Details

Grooming Time for Men : IPL Body Hair Reduction

The sky-high popularity of IPL body hair reduction for men is not under the carpet. To catch up the swiftly evolving fashion trends, thousands of men are opting for IPL body hair removal treatments. This blog highlights some details regarding the same.View Details

Why Tattoo Removal Treatment Is On-The-High?

Photothermolysis is a non invasive procedure for removing unwanted tattoo. The procedure does not inflict pain and offers safe results after a few sessions.Read More

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Know More About IPL Intimate Hair Reduction

IPL Intimate hair reduction is high-on-demand for the gen-x fashionistas. Are you opting for a Brazilian wax for the first time? Know a very little about it? Well, if yes then consider reading the following excerpt to expand your knowledge about the same:- View Details

Top 5 Benefits of Massage for Gym Goers

Do you go to the gym regularly? Have you been experiencing sore muscles quite often? If yes, you might not be taking good care of your body. There are certain factors gym-goers and bodybuilders often happen to overlook. By training and working out, you are basically putting your muscles under a lot

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Our Director Speaking at BeautyUK 2015

We are pleased to announce that our founding Director, Sumita Singh, will be giving a lecture on anti-aging massage techniques at one of the UK's best beauty shows - Beauty UK 2015. The seminar will take place on Sunday the 10th of May at the NEC Birmingham Exhibition Centre. You can join the

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