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Pamper Your Skin This Winter By Stepping Into Beauty Salons At Croydon

The months of winter leads to frizzy hair as the static build up makes the hair brittle and dry that is devoid of the lustre. Regular oiling, hot massage therapies, hair spas should be indulged in regularly if you hope to prevent the hair from looking lifeless and dull.

With the festivities around the corner, the quest to go that extra mile to make the skin and hair look fabulous throughout the week is inevitable. Beauty salons in Croydon offer exemplary services that ensure you look your best at every party, turning heads everywhere you go. However, maintaining the look that the salons reward you with becomes a task if you do not follow the instructions to the tee. At times, even salon touched hair can turn limp with time if it is not subjected to proper care.


Following are a few essential hacks and tips that can be adhered to if you wish to have those expensively styled tresses last you well:

Satin Pillows:

Sleeping on satin pillows will keep the hair from turning frizzy. The soft material of the pillows will not only protect the hair against the vigorous brushing but would also ensure the hair remains smooth and tangle free long after you wake up.

Shower Caps:

Setting and perming the hair to desirable effects take a lot of time. It is thus advisable to shield the products used on the hair by all means. Use a shower cap while bathing as this would ensure that the hair and the scalp are not subjected to water that instantly ruins the painstaking efforts, reversing the entire procedure.


The curled hair might at times seem to droop due to their exposure to harsh climatic conditions. Inject the hair with some instant volume by using curlers. This would not only enhance the existing curls but would also help achieve newer ones to give a fuller look to the hairdo.

Hair Products:

When all else fails, hair products offer the fastest solution. Spritz your hair with hair spray to keep the curls and the waves in place. A dry shampoo too works wonders and does the work of both a shampoo and conditioner, offering the hair with a much needed texture.

Affable Treatments, one of the renowned beauty salons in Croydon and adept at delivering services related to laser hair and tattoo removal are your safest bet during the holiday season. The expert team of professionals see to it that your skin and hair gives off an enviable shine that are sure to grab eyeballs every time you step onto the party floor. Enlist their services at the earliest and ring in the new year in style.

Ways In Which Laser Tattoo Removal Triumph Over Other Methods

Tattoos in this day and age have become a symbol of individuality that aim to make the owner stand apart from the rest. However, with time, the wearer might get over the image or the inscribed text or might want a change. Tattoo removal options are then considered with much vigour and individuals often zero in on the ones that offer a cheap and prompt solution. The approach is not exactly a feasible one as a detailed study need to be conducted before adopting a method to remove the tattoos. There are a vast number of options available that claim to effectively remove tattoos yet not all of these methods live up to the expectations. Side effects like skin rashes, burnt skin and discolouration are quite common when the right treatment is not adhered to.


Laser tattoo removal techniques developed in recent times offer a perfect solution when it comes to getting rid of older tattoos; be it for creating space for a new one or other personal reasons. Laser treatments have been around for decades now, catering to a plethora of dermatological issues and thus its foray into the field of tattoos seem like a natural progression. From removing unwanted body hair to treating skin problems, laser offers an efficient solution in a short amount of time, leaving clients extremely satisfied with the results.

Affable Treatments, one of the renowned beauty salons in Croydon, provide laser solutions that promptly remove tattoos. Using the Lbrite Nd: YAG laser, a powerful laser beam is directed towards the affected area that eventually helps in breaking the tattoo ink down. This leaves behind a perfectly flawless skin devoid of blemishes and blotches.

Following are a few of the many benefits that can be availed through laser tattoo removal techniques.

  • Cost-effective:

The cost of laser tattoo removal methods depends on the number of sessions that the dermatologist prescribes. If you compare it to the frequent sessions and check-ups that traditional tattoo removal techniques entail, the expenses then are relatively less. Laser removal methods include the after-care treatments as well, ensuring that the clients get a one-stop solution.

  • Can Be Customised:

Every tattoo is different in terms of the pigmentation, the size of the tattoo and the colours used and thus a made-for-all solution should not employed to get rid of them. Laser tattoo removal techniques are able to customise and make sure that every factor including the age of the tattoo is taken into consideration before subjecting it to any kinds of treatment, thus making the process even more effective.

  • Relatively Painless:

Unlike the traditional tattoo removal techniques, laser removal is relatively painless. Topical anaesthetic creams are used before and after the treatment thus making the experience a lot less uncomfortable. One of the primary reasons to not get a tattoo removed is the excruciating pain that one experiences. Laser removal takes care of that.

  • Prompt Solutions:

Laser tattoo removal techniques provide prompt solutions, leaving the complexion free of blotches and slight discolouration. With the use of selective photothermolysis, it is now possible to target the ink without disrupting the surrounding tissues. Scarring is a major concern for tattoo owners and laser tattoo methods adhere to these, providing solutions within the span of a few sessions, leaving behind no traces of the tattoo.

Enlist the services of the expert team of professionals at Affable Treatments and get rid of that pesky mark on your skin that you have been wanting to for a long time now. The effective after-care solutions rank amongst the best that the beauty salons in Croydon have to provide. Look them up at the earliest and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Anti-Ageing Treatments To Diminish Fine Lines And Skin Pigmentation

With rapid developments in the fields of science, health and beauty, the field of Anti-Ageing treatments too are going for a much needed makeover. Clients of present times are much more aware and more demanding of the services they receive, hoping to get the best value for the money expended. With the rising popularity and demand that surround these treatments, the overall cost too is significantly reduced along with the introduction of a wide variety of options.


An improper lifestyle coupled with the incessant rise in pollution and a lot of other external factors are major contributors to the growth of demand for these treatments as individuals suffer from rapid degeneration of the skin. Age, of course is a primary factor that leads to dull and lifeless skin over time as the years make it difficult for cells to regenerate and repair themselves. Anti ageing treatments are thus adopted to stimulate the process and give that much needed youthful glow to the skin that is sometimes hard to come by with the growing years. Loss of radiance, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging of the skin, dryness, pigmentation, the list is unending when it comes to the aesthetic problems associated with old age. With Croydon’s Affable Treatments, one of the renowned beauty institutions, skin troubles and anti ageing treatments are addressed and catered to most effectively, leaving clients and satisfied and happy.

Let us take a look at a few of the more effective skin treatments that can be indulged in to combat skin troubles:

Dermapen Microneedling:

Dermapen Microneedling is one of the latest developments in the field of anti-ageing treatments and is considered a highly effective one that caters to every possible skin issue arising from old age. As the name suggests, microneedling is used for a better complexion that looks flawless and unblemished without a trace of scars and fine lines. The tiny needles attached to the pen penetrate the skin, aggravating the cells to encourage the stimulation of collagen. This in turn enhances the elasticity of the skin, makes it firm and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment is all the more preferred because it is a relatively painless method with a long lasting effect. Sensitive areas like the skin, nose, upper lip and the chin can be subjected to the treatment without any fear of side effects and this is indeed a bonus. Touch-ups are barely needed and the skin would retain a healthy, youthful glow for quite a while.


Mesotherapy is the process that injects small doses of essential nutrients, enzymes and extracts from the plants that help in rejuvenating and tightening loose skin, giving firmer effect. Not only does this remove wrinkles and lends the skin an enviable glow, it also helps in reducing fat. The vitamins injected into the skin stimulates blood circulation and combats inflammation ensuring that the skin is devoid of pigmentation. Mesotherapy also works wonders for clients suffering from alopecia or premature hair loss.

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal Fillers too are injected into the skin to tighten and firm loose skin that are signs of a mature age. These gel based products are injected into the skin to reduce creases and unwanted lines that give the skin an older look. The gel used for the aesthetic treatment gives the skin the volume it needs, lending the skin and the lips a fuller look. Though an effective method the treatment requires frequent touch-ups.

Beauty salons in Croydon like Affable Treatments are known for their effective use of anti-ageing treatments that reward clients with the results they seek. A plethora of dermatological issues arise due to old age and these effective treatments are your safest bet to retain that fine youthful glow of yours.

Enlist in the services at the earliest and give your skin exactly what it needs.

Things To Consider Before Treating Your Tattoos With Laser

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are not entirely permanent. Well, you can choose to wear it for the length of your life but they can definitely be replaced and removed if the need arises. Deciding to get inked and then getting it done eventually is quite a painful and an uncomfortable process for many. However, removing these ink marks from the skin results in little to no pain. Thanks to the developments in the field of dermatology, getting back a pre-tattooed, spotless skin is entirely possible that betrays no sign of an ink mark.

It might so happen that the tattoo that once commemorated something special has ceased to be important. One of the most effective ways to get rid of such tattoos that have now become an unwanted nuisance is the method practised through lasers. Laser Tattoo Removal involves a unique procedure that focuses directly on the inked area. The laser disintegrates the ink that has seeped through the skin eventually letting the colour fade giving way to clear, unblemished skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal An Overview

If you are amongst the many who are victims of a spur-of-the-moment decision or are prone to fickle-mindedness, Laser tattoo removal techniques would definitely come as a boon when all else had failed to remove that pesky mark. However, heed with caution before venturing into the territory and equip yourself with adequate knowledge pertaining to the relatively new field of laser technologies.

Following are a few pointers to aid you on your way to a successful riddance of tattoos:

Multiple Treatments
You must mentally prepare yourself for the long haul if you have decided to get the tattoo removed through laser techniques. Suffice to say that a singular session is not going to cut it. The supervising technician would suggest close to ten sessions that can last anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on various factors. The initial few sessions would inevitably focus on smaller areas and perform a mandatory skin check for infections and side effects. The following sessions would depend entirely on the manner in which your skin has reacted to the first session and you can even ask to discontinue if existing skin conditions aggravate due to the treatment.

Nature and location of tattoos
It has been observed the closer the tattoos are placed to your heart, the easier it is to remove. This is in contrast to the location of the tattoos that are placed way below on legs or down the arms. The reason behind this is the increase in blood circulation along the area of the heart allowing rapid healing.

The nature of the tattoos or the colours used and the depth of the ink’s penetration play a significant role while removing the tattoos permanently. While professional tattoo artists use a more saturated ink that seeps uniformly through the skin, amateur tattoo technicians do not possess that deftness. The result is an uneven use of colours and ink that are relatively easier to remove than the deeply embedded ones.

Laser Wavelengths
Tattoos with a plethora of colours take a longer time to be effectively removed. It also requires the use of lasers of differing wavelengths that target the areas individually. The improved technology of lasers works the best on stubborn tattoo marks when technicians use a combination of all the wavelengths and target the affected area. Though the process can last multiple sessions, the eventual result is quite remarkable, rewarding you with an unmarked skin.

Hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation, scarring, blisters, swelling, redness and even bleeding are effectively combated through the proper aftercare treatments that are a speciality of clinics in Croydon pertaining to laser tattoo removal. The symptoms show themselves after a period of 48 hours and may persist for a few weeks but should not be worried about. These occurrences are quite natural and can be remedied easily with the help of aloe vera gel and a healthy dose of succinic acid sprays. The ingredients in these products have great soothing and healing properties and form part of the post treatment routine at Affable Treatments.

To surmise, we would like to point out the effectiveness of laser treatments can vary according to the texture of your skin, the manner the treatment has been conducted and of course the state of the tattoo.

Arm yourself with ample knowledge and indulge in the treatment fearlessly.

Microblading Eyebrows: Why Is It So In Demand?

Eyebrows are inarguably one of the most prominent features of your face. Arching them into fine points, rounding off the corners or even brushing them the right way have the ability to elevate the overall structure of your face. For the ladies who are heavily invested into strict make-up routine before they step out of the house will definitely agree how unfairly long it takes to get the eyebrows done right. The beauty industry literally has thousands of products pertaining to eyebrows, each tripping over the other while trying to claim the title of the best innovation for brow hairs.

Demand of Microblading Eyebrows in Croydon

However, sparse hairs in the eyebrows are a problem that plagues hundreds of individuals. The most obvious alternative for this is an attempt to fill it in with gels, pigments and even mascara sticks and sharpies. Eyebrow extension is also another popular option but these do not over a long term solution. No matter, how skin friendly the glue used to stick the extensions in are or how firmly they have been put together, you would inevitably experience a level of discomfort at the inefficiency of these services within a few days. Frequent maintenance is also a deterrent for this method.

It is during these times that the concept of microblading eyebrows has been given a lot of consideration and being eagerly embraced by clients of all ages. And rightfully so. According to the Glamour magazine, (a leading beauty magazine of the UK), “Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that is carried out using a specialised manual hand tool.”

It is essentially a method where pigments are filled underneath the skin and a skilled beauty technician draws impossibly accurate hair like strokes to fill in the eyebrow. Although it resembles a tattoo, it is not necessarily so. For one, the method is semi permanent and the pain is not extremely intense. The aftercare treatment too differs from that of a tattoo session. Celebrities like Madonna and Lena Dunham swear by this innovative method and promote the safe and efficient manner the entire process is carried out. Following are a few of the many benefits that can be attained through microblading that underline why it is the hottest make-up trend of the season.

Low Maintenance
Microblading can be an expensive investment. However, this investment would save you from spending hundreds of pounds in purchasing temporary make up solutions for the eyebrows. Microblading requires minimal maintenance as touch ups are required after an entire year. After the initial days, the clients also needn’t worry about accidentally rubbing the inked eyebrows off as they settle into the skin and remain so for days to come.

An All-Natural Look
The beauty of Microblading eyebrows is that it gives a flawless impression of a pair of naturally grown eyebrows. The strokes are made with such precision and accuracy that one could never be able to tell the difference. An all natural look is the most sought after and microblading offers just that. No longer would you be required to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to balance the make-up perfectly on both sides and instead save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Takes Little To No Time!
Beauty clinics that offer eyebrow microblading treatments in Croydon are renowned for their efficient services that keep the clients’ requirements in the forefront and organise their treatments accordingly. The salons allot a couple hours for each client during which the shape is drawn along the brows and later filled in using a hand held machine with extreme precision. The process is not rushed but also does not take a lot of time. The healing process too last around a month after which the clients need not always be on the lookout for potential damage to the newly drawn eyebrows. A touch up after the first forty days is all that is required and you are good to go for a year.

Affable Treatments, one of the most popular health and beauty establishments in Croydon, UK offer a holistic approach for most of the skin treatment services. The team not only guides you in determining the shape that would suit your facial contours the best and take measures to make you feel at ease. Book an appointment with them at the earliest to get perfectly microbladed eyebrows and also be rewarded with a proper aftercare routine.

For further information, visit

Tricks To Have A Painlessly Smooth Waxing Experience

Waxing appointments are right up there with dental appointments and this is especially true for women. However, the excruciating pain that involves every waxing session is enough to let these sessions be infinitely delayed. The benefits of waxing are plenty and it is an extremely effective method to remove skin hairs but the pain that one experiences during the not-so-gentle pull of the hairs in a quest to attain supple skin is enough to keep putting it off.

A simple way to get rid of those pesky hairs, leaving the skin clean off of the dark growth, waxing offers a more scientific method for removing hairs than shaving. Waxing at frequent intervals from reputable salons and clinics is essential to continue enjoying the feel of a soft, daisy fresh skin.

Tricks of Painless Smooth Waxing Experience

Removing hairs need not be an unpleasant experience nor does it need to be a dreaded affair every month. There are several handy tips that can be followed to prepare your skin for a wax session that can get the job done relatively painlessly. No pain, no gain thus becomes an adage that does not seem applicable here. It is possible to gain quite a lot by experiencing zero pain. So, let’s dive right in.

The Wax Used Matters
Straight up, ask to be waxed with warm wax. It is known to cause a lot less pain as the hot wax tends to cling to the skin hairs as opposed to the skin itself leaving hairs vulnerable for easy removal without lifting the skin. The exact opposite is true when strips are involved. However, strips can effectively remove fine, in grown hairs leaving a longer lasting finish. It is thus advised to alternate between hot and strip wax to get the best results in a painless manner.

“With the bikini and Brazilian waxing it is key that you use a hard wax that is specially formulated for this sensitive area,” explains Natalie Ismiel, brand manager and beauty expert at Nad’s.

Prep Your Skin
Exfoliation and moisturisation are key before a waxing appointment. These measures ought to be taken as exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells that hinder the proper removal of hairs. An exfoliated skin ensures that a build up as well as the growth of ingrown hairs do not occur. Mositurising after the former additionally locks in the moisture and does not leave the skin dry. Dry skin results in an extremely painful waxing session.

Take A Relaxing Bath
A warm bath just minutes before the waxing session is about to start will ensure that the pores remain open, making the hairs easier to pull out. The steam ensued from the warm bath makes the skin suppler resulting in minimal pain when the skin is exposed to wax strips. Waxing smaller sections in addition to having a warm shower also helps with the pain.

Post-Waxing Treatment
Post waxing treatment is a must to soothe and relieve yourself of the excruciating that you had to endure at the salon. Bikini and Brazilian Waxing sessions in Croydon are followed by essential after care treatment that instantly soothes the skin of irritation and inflammation. These are needed even more so after these particular treatments as they focus on the most sensitive areas of the body. Keeping a skin moisturising lotion or aloe vera concentrate in the fridge the night before the waxing session is also advised. Using anaesthetic creams over the affected areas of the skin is recommended to ease yourself off the pain instantly.

Waxing sessions should be scheduled at regular intervals and care must be taken to not shave in between waxing sessions. This gives rise to ingrown hairs or hairs that are darker and coarser turning the subsequent waxing days into a nightmare.

Follow Affable Treatments’ approach for an effective removal of hair who makes certain that only the most holistic therapies are implemented for their clients. Established in Croydon, the establishment has made waves in the field of health and hygiene. Do pay them a visit to know more about their services at their website,

Pointers To Keep In Mind Before Going For A Waxing Session

No matter the season, waxing is almost always the go-to option to remove unwanted body hairs. Waxing do get top priority during the summer months when shorter clothes offer a respite but to wait for time to turn before making a waxing appointment is not exactly ideal.

It is common knowledge that razors are not a safe bet when it comes to removing hair as it results in the growth of coarser hair. Razors should only be treated as a quick fix solution and when you are on the go. For a longer lasting effect, wax away.


Waxing requires a lot of prep. Walking in for a waxing session without sparing a thought to the condition of your skin can lead to unfavourable results. Ignoring the dermatologist’s advice to condition, moisturise and exfoliate the skin before pouring wax all over the body should not be the path you want to follow.

The popular forms of waxing are

Bikini Waxing - This is recommended if you need a complete clean up before sporting a bikini.


This targets the area that is around a couple inches away from the bikini line whereas extended bikini wax hits the area that includes the bikini line as well as covers the skin a few inches toward the groin.

Brazilian Waxing - similar to bikini waxing, this method cleans up the entire bikini area,


and leaves behind a small portion or a two-fingers width of hair line in the front. The method is ideal if you prefer wearing thongs.

Hollywood Waxing - With Brazilian Waxing, some of the hairs around your genitals remain untouched. But with Hollywood Waxing, those can be asked to remove as well.


It is used to clean the front as well as the buttocks. However, this is not advised if you are a beginner.

Expert Tip: Hot Wax is preferred over colder wax while treating the sensitive areas around the genitals as the temperature helps remove coarse hairs easily and with less pain. Following are some of the pre waxing must-dos that would ensure that you continue to have a hairless and supple skin for weeks on end.

Allergy Test

It is important to do a small allergy test on your skin before going in for a full body wax. If you are a beginner, this is an absolute must as you would not be privy to the possible reactions waxing can have on your skin. It is thus advised to let certified skin technicians to test a patch on your skin with chemicals that are prevalent in body waxes. If the skin does not disrupt into allergies for the next 24 hours, it implies that your skin can handle waxing.

Wax Selection

Going in to a waxing salon uninitiated about the different types of wax available is inconsiderate. Waxes usually depend on the areas that you want clean. There are hot waxes and soft waxes that can be used to according to the skin type. Hard waxes are typically preferred for the more delicate areas like the bikini line, the face and underarms whereas soft waxes are ideal for the arms, legs and the back. Waxing salons in and around Croydon offer a vast selection of waxing methods that clients can choose for their session and also ask for their expert advice for the most suitable one. When choosing a salon, always look for verified reviews left for their services by their existing clients.

Skin Prep

According to Chloe Scriminger, UK trainer at the Ministry of Waxing, “The first time a client has a wax it might feel more uncomfortable because the hair has been in the dermis for a while, hair is nourished by blood and the longer you leave it in-between waxes the stronger the hair gets.” (Ref: time as the skin gets used to frequent waxing sessions the experience too gets more comfortable. However, adequate exfoliation and moisturisation especially if you have dry, flaky skin is a prerequisite for waxing. Not treating your skin sufficiently for the removal of unwanted dirt or accumulation might hamper the desired effect of waxing.

Pain Relief Methods

Let’s face it, waxing can be pretty painful. Even if you are a seasoned pro who waxes regularly and rarely lets the unwanted hairs to re-grow, the mere sight of the wax strips can look quite intimidating. Consider taking an Advil or other pain relief pills an hour before the waxing appointment. This should help numb the excruciating pain and burn that usually follow waxing appointments.

To make the effects of waxing last longer, taking proper aftercare is a must. Antibacterial soaps with aloe vera concentrates should be used on the affected areas to prevent inflammation, especially if you have opted for a Hollywood wax. Follow salon advice and most professional salons will also retail products to help you through the process and maintain soft skin with the risk of ingrown hair.

“For the following 24 hours after a wax a client must not; have a hot bath (any extreme temperature on the skin will cause a reaction), swim or sunbathe (chlorine and suntan lotion will irritate the open hair follicles)” says Chloe Scriminger in an interview which appeared in Cosmopolitan. (Ref:

Waxing should thus be opted for with much needed care and not be rushed into. With Affable Treatments, Experts in Anti-Ageing and Holistic Therapy, a renowned beauty institution in Croydon, you can be assured of getting the perfect waxing solution that you had always hoped for.

For further information on the services the team at Affable Treatments provide, visit them at their website,

How Do You Effectively Combat Sagging Skin?

Sagging skin is a result of a great many instances. Having a baby, or a rapid dropping of those pesky pounds or even undergoing a critical surgery can lead to skin that tends to lie loose around the muscle to hang in an unsightly manner. Loose skin is an undesirable feature that affects individuals irrespective of gender and age. However, the condition is not entirely unsalvageable.

With rapid technological advancements in the fields of beauty, health and hygiene, combating loose, sagging skin is a relatively simple affair. Dr. Rita Rakus, an experienced cosmetic technician of an established London clinic has been treating her clients with Thermage for over five years now. According to her, ‘’Thermage is a radiofrequency skin tightening treatment that heats the deepest layers of your skin to help tighten existing collagen and stimulate the body’s natural renewal of collagen.’’ This non-invasive method is a go-to for a lot of celebrities but comes at a steep price. The treatment is effective but not exactly cost-effective.


With plenty of remedial measures that can be indulged in right from the comforts of our home, the above mentioned expensive methods should not be considered the final resort to fix sagging skin. Following are some of the most effective methods through which you can inexpensively right the skin situation in no time.

Cinnamon Pack

Cinnamon not only teases the olfactory sense and activates the taste buds but when combined with olive oil and turmeric acts as an effective skin tightening agent. Adding salt or sugar to the pack also lead to a healthier and glowing skin within a few weeks of application.


Hydration is the answer and the best preventive measure for every possible ailment. If chugging glass after glass of water is not something you look forward to, flavoured water should do the trick. Water infused with fruits and vegetables not only taste great but also ensure that the daily quota of water intake is maintained. Cucumbers, coconut water, aloe vera are also vital sources of moisture which when used in skin masks or consumed directly aid in skin rejuvenation and tightening.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, a miraculous ingredient is brimming with health beneficial properties.


It can be both consumed by adding it to the daily diet or can be applied to the affected areas. However, warming the drops of olive oil before rubbing it gently onto the skin results in an effective treatment.

Essential Vitamins

Fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C (lemons and strawberries to name a few) work wonders in firming the skin. Skin products also integrate vitamin E with other ingredients to produce effective results. Skin tightening treatments in and around Croydon make use of products which have a sufficient dosage of vitamin C which strive to correct the areas that are severely affected. To reiterate, coconut oil is an effective alternative that can be applied on the skin directly for a supple, youthful and firm skin.


The home remedies would work even more promptly when compared with simple exercises that target the loose skin. These are easy enough to perform almost anywhere and for as many times as is desired.


Loose skin tends to form and bunch up underneath the forearm. Moving the arms while holding lightweight dumbbells or even filled water bottles in a systematic manner would result in firmer skin within days.


The abdomen is another area that is prone to have loose skin due to the contraction of the once distended skin. This is a result of surgeries or severe fat loss and can be corrected in a matter of few days by performing crunches while placing the hands at the back of the head.

Face and Neck

Loose skin around the face and neck often give the impression of a double chin and can also be treated by a simple exercise routine to make the face look taut. The exercise involves facing the ceiling and trying to slowly connect the lower jaw with the upper jaw till you feel a slight pull and tension.

Skin treatments are a tricky affair and thus must be proceeded with caution. Various advanced facial treatments offer skin tightening remedies that are infused with vital elements and ingredients, crucial for the health of the skin. An utmost amount of care must be taken to ensure that effects of these remedies remain long term and that you get the toned skin back in no time.

Know What The Ingredients Say About Your Anti-Ageing Product

Ageing is natural. It is inevitable. Little can be done about it. However the process of ageing can be manipulated for our skin to remain youthful and retains its vitality even at a later age. Leading extreme lifestyles where not enough care and concern are devoted to the skin can lead to unfavourable results in the near future.

The saying that we are never too young to indulge in a proper skin care regimen is quite accurate. Skin care routine that starts as early as the 20s goes a long way in ensuring that those pesky fine lines and age spots are kept at bay.

Anti ageing products often seem to be a quick fix solution (and rightly so) for the skin problems that arise due to age. There are a multitude of such products available in the market at our disposal but to choose the one which would work wonders for our skin is quite a task. It is essential thus to look through the ingredients that are mentioned on the label. These ingredients that go into the making of an effective product are what should be given the priority while selecting it for our use.

Ingredient Of Anti Ageing Product

Listed below are a few components that make Anti Ageing Treatments the most sought after:


A vitamin A derivative, retinoids boosts the collagen and elastin making sure that the dead cells quickly give way to new ones. This leads to the prevention of dullness and age spots which are direct consequences of the accumulation of dead skin cells. Retinol is a staple in almost all anti ageing and skin care products and is essential in promoting blood circulation, giving skin a healthy glow and eliminating traces of wrinkles and sagging skin.


The ultimate tool to protect your skin from a plenty of untoward conditions, Sunscreen is also known as The Preventer. From forming a shield against harmful Ultra Violet rays, the UV filters also help in preventing the damage and adverse effects caused to the DNA, elastin and collagen which affect the skin in more ways than one.


These are another of the most important ingredient that can be found in Anti Ageing products that prevent cell damage from a deeper level. Antioxidants come into play when the skin is exposed to UV rays. On penetrating the skin, they turn the free molecules into harmless components, stimulating skin repair and also help boost collagen.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliate and nourish the skin eliminating the blemishes and blotches. These are also a great way to check acne that contrary to belief are not only limited to adolescents. The acids not only contribute toward making the skin look radiant but also prepare the skin in such a way that other anti ageing products can work on it efficiently.


Cholestrol, fatty acids and ceramides that constitute lipids are already present in the skin. But with age the production of lipids get greatly reduced leading to an uneven complexion and a rough skin surface. Using products with a lipid composition most identical to our skin is thus important to revitalise our skin, leading to an improved complexion. Several beauty salons in and around Croydon offer such specialised anti ageing treatments that ensure the skin continues to emit a healthy glow for years to come.

Anti ageing products go a long way in restoring the declining health of our skin and coupled with a nutritious diet and adapting to a daily skin care regimen, the lost building blocks of our skin can be restored in no time.

Bid oily skin goodbye and flaunt a flawless one

Winters are blissful. Especially when you are unfortunate enough to not being able to control the insane amounts of oil that your skin secretes. With hundreds of products available in the market at our disposal and the convincing promotional campaigns that compel us to try the products, it truly becomes a daunting task to select the one that would work wonders for our skin. Yes, to reiterate, oily skin proves to be a nuisance in more ways than one.

However, it is not always a lost cause as research proves that the oilier your skin, the less likely are you to develop fine age lines and wrinkles as early as in your twenties. Reassuring as that may sound, it is also necessary to pinpoint exactly what it is that lends our skin an unwanted sheen.

Beauty Salons in Croydon

Stress and hormonal imbalances play a key role in swathing our face with oil. Stress amplifies the production of androgen hormones that lead to an increase in oil secretion and hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, puberty and menstruation also cause a fluctuation in hormones. This agitates the sebaceous glands that produce oil.

Genetics is another such factor that determines the tone and type of your skin. Having oily skin is quite possible if the condition runs in the family. Sure, a lot of beauty tips for oily skin can be tried to temporarily stall the oil secretion but nothing works best than using naturally made home remedies that are devoid of chemicals. Spa centres and beauty salons in Croydon of much repute assist in preventing your skin from secreting excess oil with the help of some advanced technology.

Seasonal Changes can be rough on this skin type. On one hand, the harsh and humid climate in the summers increase the oil secretion, the dry months of the winters see to it that the skin is adequately replenished by also secreting oil.

Lastly, Make-Up products, the residues of which are sometimes left overnight on the skin, trigger secretion. Excessive use of a variety of skin products to get the desirable results also promotes an uncontrollable amount of oil secretion.

Now that we have established the probable reasons for oily skin, let us now consider a few options to remedy it:

Honey and Apple Pack
Honey, a natural humectant nourishes and softens the skin giving it a healthy glow

Honey and Apple Pack

while the vitamins present in apples act as natural cleansers and moisturisers that gradually reduce the greasiness of the skin.

Egg Whites and Lime
The benefits of lime juice are manifold. By simply adding the freshly squeezed juice of a lime to a few tablespoons of water an effective toner can be instantly made. Adding stiffly whipped egg whites to the lime water mixture also help lighten skin blemishes and leave your face relatively oil free.

Oats, Banana and Milk Scrub
A highly efficient face scrub, the ingredients possess vitamins that hydrate the skin without stripping it off of the oils, leaving it fresh and supple.

Oats, Banana and Milk Scrub

Milk, a natural moisturiser also cleanses the skin of all the accumulated grease along with oats that gently removes blackheads.

Rose water and Fuller’s Earth
One of the most effective ingredients to rid the skin off excessive oil is Fuller’s Earth. The natural nutrients already present in it help retain the oil balance and prevents the breakouts of acne on the skin. Acne is a result of excessive oil and fuller’s earth mixed with rose water (a wonderful toner for the skin) reduces the greasiness to a considerable extent.

Mango Pack
Mango, the delectable fruit is not always thought of for the purpose of beauty masks. However, the essential vitamins present in the fruit that promote doctors to prescribe it are also the reason that they are used as face packs. The natural astringent that is found in mangoes soothes the skin during summers and keeps it cool, preventing the secretion of oil.

To achieve rapid results in correcting your oil prone skin, do consider visiting the beauty salons in Croydon. These institutions use naturally made concoctions to hydrate, replenish and moisturise the skin, along with new age technologies, ensuring that you bid adieu to your skin problems.