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Bid oily skin goodbye and flaunt a flawless one

Winters are blissful. Especially when you are unfortunate enough to not being able to control the insane amounts of oil that your skin secretes. With hundreds of products available in the market at our disposal and the convincing promotional campaigns that compel us to try the products, it truly becomes a daunting task to select the one that would work wonders for our skin. Yes, to reiterate, oily skin proves to be a nuisance in more ways than one.

However, it is not always a lost cause as research proves that the oilier your skin, the less likely are you to develop fine age lines and wrinkles as early as in your twenties. Reassuring as that may sound, it is also necessary to pinpoint exactly what it is that lends our skin an unwanted sheen.

Beauty Salons in Croydon

Stress and hormonal imbalances play a key role in swathing our face with oil. Stress amplifies the production of androgen hormones that lead to an increase in oil secretion and hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, puberty and menstruation also cause a fluctuation in hormones. This agitates the sebaceous glands that produce oil.

Genetics is another such factor that determines the tone and type of your skin. Having oily skin is quite possible if the condition runs in the family. Sure, a lot of beauty tips for oily skin can be tried to temporarily stall the oil secretion but nothing works best than using naturally made home remedies that are devoid of chemicals. Spa centres and beauty salons in Croydon of much repute assist in preventing your skin from secreting excess oil with the help of some advanced technology.

Seasonal Changes can be rough on this skin type. On one hand, the harsh and humid climate in the summers increase the oil secretion, the dry months of the winters see to it that the skin is adequately replenished by also secreting oil.

Lastly, Make-Up products, the residues of which are sometimes left overnight on the skin, trigger secretion. Excessive use of a variety of skin products to get the desirable results also promotes an uncontrollable amount of oil secretion.

Now that we have established the probable reasons for oily skin, let us now consider a few options to remedy it:

Honey and Apple Pack
Honey, a natural humectant nourishes and softens the skin giving it a healthy glow

Honey and Apple Pack

while the vitamins present in apples act as natural cleansers and moisturisers that gradually reduce the greasiness of the skin.

Egg Whites and Lime
The benefits of lime juice are manifold. By simply adding the freshly squeezed juice of a lime to a few tablespoons of water an effective toner can be instantly made. Adding stiffly whipped egg whites to the lime water mixture also help lighten skin blemishes and leave your face relatively oil free.

Oats, Banana and Milk Scrub
A highly efficient face scrub, the ingredients possess vitamins that hydrate the skin without stripping it off of the oils, leaving it fresh and supple.

Oats, Banana and Milk Scrub

Milk, a natural moisturiser also cleanses the skin of all the accumulated grease along with oats that gently removes blackheads.

Rose water and Fuller’s Earth
One of the most effective ingredients to rid the skin off excessive oil is Fuller’s Earth. The natural nutrients already present in it help retain the oil balance and prevents the breakouts of acne on the skin. Acne is a result of excessive oil and fuller’s earth mixed with rose water (a wonderful toner for the skin) reduces the greasiness to a considerable extent.

Mango Pack
Mango, the delectable fruit is not always thought of for the purpose of beauty masks. However, the essential vitamins present in the fruit that promote doctors to prescribe it are also the reason that they are used as face packs. The natural astringent that is found in mangoes soothes the skin during summers and keeps it cool, preventing the secretion of oil.

To achieve rapid results in correcting your oil prone skin, do consider visiting the beauty salons in Croydon. These institutions use naturally made concoctions to hydrate, replenish and moisturise the skin, along with new age technologies, ensuring that you bid adieu to your skin problems.

Photo-rejuvenation IPL Treatment for Aging Skin

Deciphering IPL

IPL hair removal treatment is very effective in the eliminating unwanted hair from different parts of the body such as the face, underarms, nipples, bikini line, back, arms, legs, and chest. The most sensitive parts of the body are easily treated with IPL.

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal treatment is a long-term, safe solution to curb any excess hair growth fro men and women. The hair treatment is efficient and cost-effective. There is a visible difference in the hair growth after a few sessions of IPL treatment. Light waves used for this treatment is generally harmless and exposure does not warranty any unwanted side-effects. Furthermore, parts of the body exposed to IPL treatment are not affected by excessive heat or exposure to sunlight.

IPL photo-rejuvenation is an advanced facial treatment offered at Croydon. IPL or skin tightening treatments is also offered at Croydon.

IPL Treatment for Aging Skin

Light is Effective in Removing Hair

Light waves are extremely critical in the success of the process. Melanin in the hair follicle selectively absorbs the light. The light energy heats the pigment (melanin) in the hair and effectively eliminates the hair follicles without harming the skin cells surrounding the hair.

Mechanics of the IPL Treatment

Before the application of Intense Pulsed Light, a thin layer of gel is applied to cool the area of the skin and to help guide the light. The Intense Pulsed Light is directed on the area of the skin and a number of hair follicles are targeted for removal by a short pulse of light that is released. The applicator is then moved and directed to the adjacent area of skin and the short pulse of light is again released. The process is repeated until the entire area such as arms or legs is treated.

Who are most suitable for IPL treatment

Not all clients are same, and each client has their unique requirement. IPL treatment is most effective for clients who have dark hair and fair skin. Because of the high concentration of melanin in dark hair, the melanin strongly absorbed large doses of light energy. This is critical to remove effectively the dark. Light hair does not have sufficient melanin, so do not absorb light energy sufficiently, and they are the hardest to treat. Similarly, gray and white hair have no melanin, so they do not absorb light energy and so most unsuitable for the treatment. Fair skin has less melanin and does not absorb any ideal, therefore protected from minimal damage.

IPL is very good for the treatment of age spots. The light energy from IPL penetrates just below the skin surface destroying small blood vessels and skin pigments. The light damaged cell and blood vessels are removed by the natural immune repair system of the body. This ultimately gives the skin a smooth appearance. Furthermore, IPL brightens the skin leaving a youthful appearance. Subsequently, IPL treatment is called photo facials, laser skin rejuvenation or laser resurfacing.

The downtime with IPL is minimal. The IPL treatment is carried out with a space of 3 to 4 weeks in between. To see the best result and a marked difference it is important to carry out 3 to 6 IPL treatments. Furthermore, the IPL treatment can stimulate the mild production of collagen. But this is insufficient to treat wrinkles but it is good to improve skin texture. It can smoothen the skin tone and make it look homogeneous.

Foods to Kickstart Your Hair and Skincare Routine

Our skin is way too susceptible to the adverse effects of pollution and should be treated with utmost care in order to keep it supple and glowing. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle indeed work wonders for our skin and hair. Although the market is flooded with numerous products that offer a quick fix to damaged skin they are also infused with quite few anti skin friendly chemicals. We cannot completely write these products off as some do deliver on the promises they make. However, the results that show after applying all the creams and the hair packs and the gels are not sustainable. Enter: healthy dietary options.

A diet consisting of a balanced proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and an adequate intake of water throughout the day contribute greatly towards achieving near perfect skin and lustrous, shiny hair akin to what is displayed for us in promotional advertisements. The notion that fats should be avoided at all means to attain a lean build should be discarded. The foods listed below prove why nutrients such as fats and carbs (albeit in healthy proportions) provide a necessary fuel to the body.

Foods to Kickstart Your Hair and Skincare Routine

We are what we eat and the quality of the hair too is a direct consequence of what we reach out for to put inside our stomachs:


There’s hardly a part of the coconut that cannot be utilised for our own benefits. Coconut water, a great source of potassium and electrolytes replenishes dry, flaky skin.


Coconut meat, on the other can be eaten raw and can also be used to extract oil. Coconut oil is known to contain a fungus known as the Candida which reduces the risk of acidity, inflammation and breakouts on the skin. The oil is considered a magical potion for hair and scalp as it rejuvenates limp hair adding lustre to it.


A superfood, kale is rapidly gaining prominence in the popularity charts for healthy food options.


Containing most of the elements needed to reverse the ageing process, these bland, leafy greens help reduce scars, blemishes and stretch marks. Kale, a potent source for vitamins A,C,E and K also has healing properties which reduce the risk of blood clotting.

Nuts and Seeds

Walnuts, cashews and almonds not only lend a healthy glow to the skin but also add a much needed sheen to the hair which is enviable to say the least.

Nuts and Seeds

Seeds of pumpkins and sunflowers and also hemp, flax and chia seeds are the other superfoods contain loads of omega 3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids that reduce the possibility of skin cancer, fine lines and severe acne breakouts.


Eggs ensure a vitality that is visible on both the skin and hair when consumed regularly as part of our everyday diet.


The egg yolk is rich in vitamins and biotin, which is universally regarded as the beauty vitamin are essential for the proper functioning of cells, increases hair growth and also protects the skin from rashes and dryness. In fact, raw eggs are quite a popular ingredient in hair packs that are used to soften the tresses.

It is a known belief that foods containing high nutrient values not only influence our outward appearance but contributes toward the betterment of our health. To further reiterate, we should be super conscious as to what we put in our plates and glasses.

The Why and How of Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin tightening is considered when there is loose skin on the face, neck, arms and/or abdomen. It helps to improve skin quality and laxity. Surgical procedures may have some side-effects. The non-invasive nature of the procedure makes it very popular. There are a number of noninvasive skin tightening options such as radiofrequency, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment and ultrasound treatment.

Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments


Nonsurgical and non-invasive procedure to make the body and facial skin taut.

As the procedure is non-invasive no incisions are involved. The procedure causes minimal or no discomfort. After the treatment, there is no downtime.

The treatment works on different skin types.


The result obtained with non-surgical skin procedures are less dramatic than those obtained with body contouring or face lift treatments.

Optimal results are obtained after few rounds of treatment.

Mild redness, numbness or temporary swelling may occur at or around the treated area.

Procedure for performing the nonsurgical skin tightening treatment

The type of skin tightening procedures to be carried out depends on the area and the quality of the skin being treated. Your plastic surgeon may advise you to choose one of the following procedures such as radiofrequency treatment, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment or ultrasound treatment. The procedure begins with the cleansing of skin creams, lotions or any makeup. Then a gel is applied on the area to be treated.

Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment

Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment

Before the beginning of the treatment, the area is measured and marked.

The top layer of the skin is cooled during treatment.

Before the application of the radiofrequency energy, a treatment tip is held against the skin.

The radiofrequency penetrates the skin tissues, heats a specific area of the skin and stimulates collagen production locally in that area.

When receiving the treatments clients generally experience a vibratory and heating sensation with each pulse.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) skin tightening treatment

Intense pulsed light skin tightening treatment

A protective eye cover is provided while the face is being treated with intense pulsed light.

As the infrared light heats the deep layers of the skin, a handpiece continuously blowing cool air is directed at the area being heated with infrared energy.

More than one pulse of laser may be applied to get the desired results.

Ultrasound skin tightening treatment

Ultrasound skin tightening  treatment

The area to be treated is measured and marked.

For a cooling sensation, an ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area.

During the treatment small bursts of ultrasound energy is focused on the area to be treated. The deep layers of the skin are stimulated without damaging the top layers of the skin.

It is important to understand what kinds of candidates are good for non-surgical skin treatments. There are many reasons to consider non-invasive skin treatments. Many clients are unable to undergo invasive surgical procedures to remedy skin laxity. The moderately loose skin on the face and body can be made taut with non-invasive procedures. It also helps to improve the quality of the skin.

Trendy Pedicures for Every Season

Nail salon and spa offers a dazzling choice of pedicure options, each of which is tailored to meet special nail care treatments and spa experiences.

Collection of Unique Pedicures

Classic Pedicure

Classic Pedicure

Classic pedicure begins with a foot soak in a warm water, which is followed by a thorough foot scrub with a foot file or a pumice stone. Next, the foot is taken out of the warm water to clip and shape the nails and to push back the cuticles. Then a deep and thorough calf and foot massage are given to moisturize the skin. Finally, if desired nail polish is applied. A classic pedicure is important for regular toenail and foot maintenance.

Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure

The quintessential spa pedicure elevates the experience of a classic pedicure by many notches. The spa pedicure is essentially done in a relaxed and more private environment than the typical setting of a regular nail salon. The upgrade includes a generous use of high-quality aromatherapy oils at every step of the massage. Essential oils are added to the foot bath and the feet are soaked for several minutes. This is followed by an exfoliating scrub to eliminate calluses. Subsequently, the feet is given a hot towel wrap and soothed in paraffin wax dips. A spa treatment is designed to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Chocolate Pedicure

A chocolate pedicure is the delight of every chocoholic. The pedicure uses a chocolate foot mask and other cocoa-based treatments, which facilitates a thorough cuticle cleansing, foot scrub, and other details of a classic pedicure. Cocoa is a powerful antioxidant. It naturally moisturizes the skin and makes it firm. The chocolate aroma brings a complete feeling of euphoria and stimulates deep relaxation. Finally, end the pedicure with chocolate-hued nail polish!

Shellac Pedicure

Shellac Pedicure

A shellac pedicure entails the similar steps as a classic pedicure. The highlight of a shellac pedicure lies in the use of gel polish. Shellac formulation involves a unique blend of nail polish and gel. After application of each coat of shellac polish on your toes, the feet is placed under UV light to dry or cure the gel. UV light is used to cure after every coat of the shellac polish. Shellac polish is designed to protect the nails and prevent chipping. Shellac polish is finely formulated to last more than 14 days, thus making it in an exclusive choice for premium quality manicures.

Stone Pedicure

A stone pedicure highlights the benefits of a classic and deep foot massage. The pedicure starts with soaking the feet in a warm footbath. After a few minutes, the feet are taken out of the bath and dried thoroughly. Hot stones are then used to rub essential oils on the feet and the legs. This indulgent massage can comfort the most painful foot and leg muscles.

Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

A fish pedicure is the most trendy pedicure treatment and is widely popular all over the world. A fish pedicure is just a classic pedicure but with a fishy twist. The fish nibbles away on the dead skin and callus, thus smoothing the feet and toes. They are popularly known as doctor fish (or garra rufa fish) as it is believed that fish pedicures can cure psoriasis and eczema. The process is painless and very relaxing.

Pedicures make your feet feel and look great, improves blood circulation, and reduces stress. It not only makes your feet look attractive, it also reduces leg pain, and prevents fungal infection. Pedicures offer deep relaxation thus improving mental health.

Get Acquainted with The Most Popular Massage Therapies

How about taking a dip in the fountain of relaxation after a long toiling week? The moment you think of relaxation, a massage is what instantly pops in your mind. However, massage is not just meant for the utmost relaxation, but also for a healthy living. Owing to its uncountable benefits, a number of massage therapies have been introduced in the recent time. The following massage therapies can ensure your everyday health –

The Most Popular Massage Therapies

Swedish massage

A quintessential swedish massage uses long gliding strokes, percussion-like tapping, firm kneading, and other techniques to reduce stress and improve immunity. It is exceptionally beneficial in improving blood circulation, releasing muscle tension, decreasing muscle toxins and improving flexibility. A professional massage therapist can give you an exceptional swedish massage to relax your entire body.



Aromatherapy uses the healing properties of essential oils to improve the physical and psychological well being of the recipient. During aromatherapy, the aroma of the essential oils are inhaled, which stimulates cognitive function and improves mood. The essential oils are gently massaged into the skin, where it is readily absorbed, thus relieving pain and offering a soothing experience.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage uses different traditional massage strokes including squeezing and kneading movements and tapping. During the massage therapists use herbal oils to massage specific vital points such as joints and tendons. The massage may be performed on the whole body or on specific parts of the body. Ayurvedic massage has several benefits such as strengthening muscle tone, increasing body flexibility, activating lymphatic system, eliminating toxins, nourishing the skin and reducing the joint pain. It is good healthy living and promoting longevity.



During reflexology therapy, the reflexologist applies pressure to specific areas in the feet, hands and ears which corresponds to different reflex areas of the body. The benefits of reflexology is multifold which includes improving blood circulation, enhancing energy, activating nerve function, discarding toxins, eliminating sleep disorders, relieving depression, and promoting a deep state of relaxation.

Hot stone massage or warm bamboo massage

Hot stone massage or warm bamboo massage

Hot stone massage is generally given by a highly trained and skilled therapists. Hot stones are placed on the body at different energy points and is gently rubbed by the therapist who use the stones as an extension of their own hand. Depending upon the individual requirement the therapist usually can work with the stones more quickly and more deeply penetrating the muscle. The heat from the hot stones help to warm up the tight muscles and is deeply relaxing.

Warm bamboo massage entails the use of bamboo sticks of different size and shape to give the body a thorough holistic massage. Warm bamboo sticks are used to give long massage strokes that penetrate deep into the muscles, to remove any muscular tension stretch tight knots of muscles.

An ultimate relaxing massage uses a combination of hot stones with bamboo. The therapeutic touch of the hot stones helps to relax the muscles and the deep touch of the warm bamboo helps to stretch the muscles. Get a pain relief hot stone massage from Croydon.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage starts with the application of lighter pressure to warm up the muscles, followed by the application of deep pressure to relieve pain in areas such as stiff neck, sore shoulders, upper and lower back, and tight leg muscles. Deep tissue massage is effective in opening muscle tightness, improving blood circulation, relieving pain and inflammation. The therapist uses his knuckles, thumbs, forearm, and elbow to apply deep pressure along the length of the body.

Thai massage

Thai massage is immensely effective in completely eliminating whole body stress through gradually moving the person in different yoga positions. It is great at improving overall body flexibility and improving overall blood circulation. Muscle stiffness is reduced by subjecting the body to a wide range of motion. Thai massage offers the body great fitness and stability thus preventing injuries from falls. Also, it helps the person become centered, helping the mind and spirit to realign and thus is a great form of relaxation.

Sports massage

Sports massage

Sports massage is frequently given to athletes to help them recover quickly after an intense performance during an event or after a rigorous training session. The massage is keenly focused on parts of the body that has experienced severe repetitive and aggressive movements. This helps the body and mind of the athlete to quickly recover from fatigue and get prepared for the next match. Sports massage treatment from Croydon can enhance endurance, promote flexibility and help prevent injuries.

Back massage

Back massage

Back massage can help loosen strained and tight back muscles. Deep tissue massage and stretching are effective treatments for lower back discomfort and pain. Lower back pain is commonly due to poor posture while doing sedentary jobs, experiencing stress from doing too little exercise, or experiencing a strain in the back muscle from lifting a heavy object in the inappropriate posture, or injuring the back from a fall.

Here’s how simple beauty habits every night can give you a healthy skin

Sleep is the time when the body gets a chance to repair itself. Here is a bunch of things that you can do to keep your skin feeling clean and looking healthy.

Simple Beauty Habits

Get rid off the makeup
Wearing makeup and sleeping everynight will cause your pores to clog eventually. Clogged pores will eventually invite acne cause bacteria. Failing to remove masscara may cause your eye lashes to fall out. Despite how tired you may be or late you take to bed, the first rule of getting a healthy looking skin is to get rid of the makeup. This helps to keep your pores clean and allows your skin to breathe. Remove whatever traces of eye liner, mascara or lip color that you may have remaining. Removing all makeup before sleeping will ensure that you look fresh when you wake up in the morning.

Throw on that extra pillow
The extra pillow is not there for no reason. As you prop your head on that extra pillow while you sleep, it will do wonders for your under eye puffiness. As your head is raised when asleep, it will help to drain away the body fluids and prevent it from accumulating under your eyes and in your face.

Leave on the mask
If your skin is prone to rosacea pimples or acnes use a purifying mask and leave it overnight. The thorough skin contact of the mask while you sleep at night will give you good results.

Use that humidifier
Turn on that air humidifier in your bedroom when you sleep at night. Do not forget to wear a hydrating moisturizer as well. This is an effective and natural way of hydrating your skin and keeping it plump. It also eliminates the need to use a heavy moisturizer in the day time.

Hand creams come to the rescue
You can never go wrong with a hand cream. Use a non-sticky hand cream to moisturize your hands, palms and finger nails. Use a night hand cream or hand lotion to keep your hands and nails in good shape. If you moisturize your finger cuticles they will show lesser chances of breaking or peeling. Always remember to use a mild detergent based soap to wash your hands and never forget to moisturize your hand after every wash.

Use a silk pillowcase
Sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases can improve the overall health of the hair. Cotton pillowcases may be budget friendly but the cotton fibres feel gritty against the hair cuticle. But if you prefer your cotton pillowcases make sure to change them every one or two days.

Keep the hair away
Keep your hair away from your face especially while asleep. The oil and dirt from your hair may get transferred to your face or pillowcase, thus causing breakouts.

Never compromise with sleep
Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep of atleast 7 hours. Lack of proper sleep will compromise your immunity, and result in poor circulation of blood throughout the body. Without sufficient sleep your skin will look dull and tired. It will also result in dark eyes and under eye puffiness.

Unfold the magic of an exfoliator
Apply a leave on exfoliator over night to repair the skin damage due to UV light and other environmental factors.

Eye cream keeps those wrinkles away
Wear a night cream every day to moisturize the area under our skin. So after a good night of sleep, this will ensure your skin is plump and hydrated. This will prevent you from getting crows feet or under eye wrinkles.

Don’t Hesitate to Invest in the Best Facials

Diamond peel facial are highly recommended to heal fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, acne, enlarged skin pores. It restores even skin tone, prevents outbreaks and scarring. It can bring back lustre and brightening in dull skin. The process is non-invasive and deeply comforting.

Don't hesitate to invest in the best facials

It stimulates the production of collagen, a key component that ensure elastic and firm skin. Collagen reduces stretch marks, acne scars, and pigmentation. The diamond peel facial is effective in maintaining the oil balance of the skin, leaving it looking clear, smooth and supple.

Luxury Facial

Luxury Facial

Luxury facial is an ultra-hydrating facial treatment that restores lustre, softness and age-defying firmness in the facial skin. The expert massage technique works on the connective tissues, and the hydrating formulation nourishes the most exhausted skin. Dead cells are exfoliated leaving behind a skin that looks bright and youthful, and feels nourished and clean. A travel-weary and dehydrated skin feels a deep sense of calm after undergoing a luxury anti-ageing facial treatment.

Lunchtime Facial

Lunchtime Facial

Lunchtime power facial is tailored to meet the hectic schedule of women in executive roles. The facial is also called lunchtime facial because the facial procedures reverses all signs of aging in a short period of time, allowing the client to continue with her regular routine immediately after treatment. The facial will leave the skin glowing with visibly reduced age spots, softer frown lines, reduced wrinkles around the eye and tightening of the sagging skin. This type of facial includes botox injections and light chemical peels. Botox injections causes the skin to remain smooth and unwrinkled. Light chemical peels gently exfoliates, softens and smoothens skin, removes wrinkles, renews skin’s texture, and improves skin complexion. Get such advanced peel treatments at Croydon.

Radio Frequency Facials

Radio Frequency Facials

Radio frequency facials is highly effective in removing cellulites. Heat produced from radio frequency is effective in melting the fats stored in adipose tissues and fat cells. The fat stored beneath the superficial layer of the skin is removed and drained away. The treatment is as effective as removing fats from adipose tissues by surgical procedures. It results in tightening of the skin, post-operative liposuction smoothing, and contour reshaping. Avail such skin tightening treatments at Croydon.

Red Carpet Facial

Red Carpet Facial

The red carpet facial uses a combination of lactic and amino acids to get a thorough exfoliation of the skin. The formulation cleans the pore with the creation of an effervescent sensation. The pores are cleaned with the impurities removed. Consistent red carpet facial gives enhanced results. The skin looks clean, firm and more refined. The skin also feels oxygenated and refreshed, with pore size reduced. It helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines. The facial is completed with a polishing mask, that deeply hydrates and brightens the skin. It gives you a healthy glowing skin with a smooth texture. It is effective in preventing breakouts and acnes. The skin is clean and looks flawless with small pore size, and highly improved texture. The firmness of the skin improves over time. The facial hydrates the skin, makes it elastic and prevents the appearance of fine lines.

Massage therapy can relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of joints that causes severe pain. The incidence of osteoarthritis is very high among the aging population and the number of people affected with osteoarthritis will continue to increase. A qualified massage therapist can provide effective massage treatment that can easily relieve the pain associated with osteoarthritis and offer great relaxation. Get a pain relief massage Croydon for osteoarthritis.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis symptoms include swelling of the tissue around joints, tenderness, pain, joint stiffness and loss of mobility. The pain in the joints gets exacerbated during swift and sudden movements. Other pain points are the lower back, joints in the hands, knees, and hips. This is also followed by spasms and sudden contractions in the tendons. The pain gets sharp and unbearable during strenuous physical activity, however, sufficient periods of rest is able to soothe the pain. Continuous phases of inactivity such as sitting for a long time can increase the pain due to osteoarthritis. Knee pain due to osteoarthritis can be very severe, hampering the patient’s ability to perform daily activities such as changing clothes or bathing. Additionally, the pain can be uncomfortable enough to keep the person awake at night.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Beneficial Effects of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is very helpful and effective in relieving joint pains, making the patients suffering from osteoarthritis feel relaxed again. Massage when performed by qualified professionals causes no harmful side effects. Massage therapy for osteoarthritis reduces joint swelling, through increased blood flow. Massage also helps to ease muscular tension and pain. Massage triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which calms down a person, slows down his breathing, normalizes the heart rate, boosts the digestive system and dilates the blood vessels. Massage therapy also helps to trigger the happy hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. Additionally, massage therapy on osteoarthritis patients also helps with holistic healing and pain management. It is also beneficial in increasing lymph flow thus strengthening immunity.

Different types of massage therapy can help to relieve knee pain. Reflexology applies pressure on different pressure points in the body such as on the hands and feet, thus bringing relief from pain in the knee. In osteoarthritis the knee can be too sore for direct touch massage. Similarly, in Reiki the massage therapists hands hover above the body of the patient. Reiki may avoid direct touch or very lightly touch the patient’s body. The practitioner channels the energy through the bio-field of the patient and stimulates the body to heal itself.

A good quality massage can restore the overall balance in a person’s life and improve their overall quality of life. A well trained and qualified massage therapist at Croydon Massage Therapy Centre is highly knowledgeable about human physiology and human anatomy, and thus are able to deal with patients effectively. They complement their massaging skills with people skills, allowing them to establish a pleasant interaction with the patients. This friendly interaction goes a long way in alleviating the pain in patients with ongoing medical conditions.

Narrow Down The Best Hair Removal Method

Apparently, your entire body is covered with hair. As most of this body hair is pale and fine, it is not discernible to the naked eyes. But, when darker, the coarser body hair may appear in places, which can make you uncomfortable – like on the neck, face, arms, underarms or legs. Maybe, you should consider hair removal treatments to get rid of your unwanted body hair. When it comes to removing body hair, there are numerous options available. Waxing, shaving, laser treatment are a few of the most conventional methods to name. With so many options available, it can be a little tricky to narrow down a method that can meet your requirements –


Hair Removal Method



Shaving refers to the procedure where the body hair is cut off at the skin’s surface. With the launch of electronic epilators and shavers, you don’t need to depend on the traditional razor any longer. Comparatively a short-term hair removal technique, shaving is not just inexpensive , but also an effective way to remove body hair. Shaving has manifold advantages – it’s painless , you can do it yourself, etc.


Depilatory creams:

Depilatory creams refer to the hair removal chemical-based creams. They are excellent alternatives to waxing or shaving. The depilatory creams work by dissolving and breaking the protein which makes up the hair structure but doesn’t eradicate the hair root. It is relatively cost-effective and also painless method. However, some of these creams contain unpleasant smell and hence can be difficult to use. If these creams are left on the skin for too long, they may cause itching, reaction, or burning sensation. So, it is important to abide by the instructions and to have a patch test before use.



Waxing can remove the body hair from the roots that can result in a hair-free skin for weeks. It also leaves your skin soft. The effects can even last longer than shaving. It is a natural way to remove the unwanted hair as wax is herbal. Many people try to wax their bodies at home by themselves. But, it’s advisable to count on the professional waxing services in Croydon, if you want to fetch the best result.


Laser hair removal treatment:

Hair removal, long run or temporary, has become as easy task with the introduction of laser hair removal treatments. The laser light is absorbed by the hair follicle and many other appendages are spread. The cooling devices attached to the laser treatment can prevent the heat damage to the rest of the skin. Laser hair removal treatment needs multiple sessions. Re-growth of body hair is relatively slower and scantier after every session. IPL hair removal treatment in Croydon can be the best bet if you want to draw the best results.



Tweezing is one of the most popular and best methods used by women to remove the facial hair. In tweezing, a pair of metal tweezers or forceps is manually used to remove the body hair from the root. It is a perfect technique to pluck hair from small areas. A tweezer is mainly used to remove stray hair from the face and shape eyebrows. The effects of tweezing can last for at least 3 to 8 weeks to grow new hair.

What are you waiting for? Choose any of the above-mentioned hair removal methods and say goodbye to your undesirable body hair.